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John Dabrowski
Aug 25, 2021
In Programming with CAIT
Hi, Pi 4.0 8GB mem I purchased Charley, assembled it, install Cait 1.0 (had some problems but got it to work), Ran through some of your examples (like face regonition, added some simple motor movements) and eventually all was good. Pi 4, 8GB, Oak 2, Respeaker 4 mics, Pi audio out to speakers, Installed Cep software, took almost 2hrs, No problems I’m aware of. As it re-booted after install, I do not have a log file. Then started software, did setup, Oak 2 discovered and Respeaker and network. Then ran program interface, came up as Cortic Toolkit 1.5 (just like Cait 1.0. interface) So, long story short, no program would run or initialize. To keep it simple one thing I tried was “example_face_recognition.cait”. Block program displayed on screen OK. I clicked run and “undefined appeared”. I got lots of undefined for everything. OK, so first problem was I could not find block programming description or examples like you had for Cait 1.0. So I could not put together a program of my own making, just your examples. Since all errors end with undefined, I assumed you’ve had this error before. Help! P.S. I do not subscribe to any social media sites like twitter, Linkedin or Facebook because of privacy issues with them.
John Dabrowski
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