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Our Business

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) has a tremendous impact on technology-driven societies like ours. A.I. literacy is rapidly becoming an essential requirement in the workforce. According to LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs Report, “Artificial Intelligence Specialist” is the number one emerging job with 74% annual growth over the past four years.

Cortic Technology Corp. is an A.I. education software provider.  We have a strong proven track record of A.I. research and development in both industry and academia. We design software for hands-on A.I. literacy training for students and technology enthusiasts.

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Our Innovative Technology

Our flagship product, the Cortic A.I. Toolkit (CAIT), is the first of its kind to fuse advanced A.I. algorithms in computer vision, voice recognition, speech generation, natural language processing, robotic motor and sensor control, and smart home control in a single easy to use software system. It gives users the ability to rapidly build their own A.I. projects using a wide variety of off-the-shelf hardware components and provides a progressive learning path for them to learn at their own pace.

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The Cortic A.I. Toolkit

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Hands-on Learning

We emphasize hands-on learning by providing fun and interesting projects to inspire our users to experiment with state of the art A.I. algorithms.  The Cortic A.I. Toolkit allows users to easily combine A.I. algorithms with off-the-shelf hardware to build their customized projects.

Learn Without Friction

The Cortic A.I. Toolkit is easy to use and requires no software installation.  The best part is that it works well with simple hardware components like the popular Raspberry Pi 4B, so there is no heavy financial investment upfront.  This way, the users will be able to enjoy the learning process to its fullest.

Progressive Learning Path

Our progressive learning environment allows anyone to get started instantly using the visual programming interface.  
As users grow with our system, they can choose to use the full Python API for added power and flexibility and build much more sophisticated projects with it.